The slope to the art is appropriate for Dirk Borgmeyer in the blood. Fascinated of the oil pictures of his grandfather and the art designs of his father, it seemd nearly to walk in their footsteps.

At first it started with sketches, a passion, were which Dirk Borgmeyer follows still. 1992 he became attentive to the Airbrush illustration. First attempts resulted in that his special capability lies here.

After an attendance of the annual Airbrush fair in Castrop Rauxel the desire for a founded study developed.

1998 it began the study Airbrush Design in Institut for training in art and art therapy (ibkk) in Bochum-Wattenscheid.

At first he works on canvas and Airbrushkartons developed. Now he arranges likewise model cars, Mobile telephone cases and computer cases.

Also very small articles are coloured again conceived. One instant was partly held realistically, in addition, Fantasti was caught in pictures.

Dirk Borgmeyer places himself to all challenges.

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